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Hey Guys =)

I am WiiLuigi, a Custom Track maker. I'm 19 years old and from germany. ^^

I like playing Mario Kart Wii online, you can ask to add me as a friend. And thanks to the guys who made wiimmfi^^

My first ever made Custom Track is Luigi's Valley released December 2011.

My second Custom Track is Delfino Village.

After a while I released Icestorm Peak, the model was made by Putinas.

My fourth track was Underwater Slide.

My fifth, and best track, I think, Darkness Temple, was released Summer 2012, it was my first CT to be in a Custom Track distribution.

My sixth custom track is Cave Island. I could not test it because my Riivolution made a error. The CT is very glitchy.

My seventh custom track is Desert Tower. It is currently one of my best tracks.

My 8th track is Blue Sky Beach, which is made for a good MKWii online friend.

My 9th track is Ghostly Mansion.

My 10h track is Moonlight Downtown. It is one of my best too.

My 11th track is Nebula Lava Factory I made it with SpyKid and Flomaster. I did the Kmp.

My 12th CT is Winter Paradise made with BlueSky and SpyKid.

My 13th track is Cookie Village, made it with SpyKid.

Comet Starway is my 14th course. I am very proud of my work with it^^

II have 3 new tracks in progress: Grassland Ruins, a Model by NewSuperHackBros, Arizona Highway and Festival Town (paused at the moment).

My next released CT will be: Arizona Highway

You can contact me on Skype: wiiluigi

My YouTube: click