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About Me

  • I'm a 17 year old guy who loves Nintendo games and watches anime.
  • I have DiGeorge Syndrome and a lot of heart problems so a lot of things in life are very difficult for me.
  • My emotions can sometimes get in control of me like when I lose my cool or get very frustrated.
  • Favorite games are Mario Kart Wii, Touhou Project (specifically the mobile game "Lost Word") ,Minecraft, and Undertale.

Social Links

Discord Tag: Ryder#9878

YouTube Channel (Goal to 300 subscribers)

Recent Video

Touhou Undertale Mashup

People who've helped me/people I've worked with

Character Textures

  • Lime Toad on Lime Quacker The second texture I ever made. Also made with help from SpearX5544!To be honest this is my least favorite one, just because I think i could do better.
  • Full Purple Funky Kong My 5th texture edit! With help from Luigids! I like purple lol. 2022-07-01 UPDATE Added new vehicle textures and updated Funky Kong!
  • A Special Texture For MC98. Made this to show appreciation to a good youtuber and streamer friend of mine; MC98, as an early 24th birthday gift! Much love MC98!

Mods I Want To Do

A mod for Daisy that replaces her with Marisa Kirisame

Making a music pack with the only songs being from the YouTube channel SiIvaGunner (I know it's been done before as an April Fools joke but I want to make it so you can use this for videos and streams without too much copyright risks.)

Texture & Music Distributions

Ryder's Moody Texture Pack. My first Texture Hack Distribution!!

Bunch'O Textures.My Newest Texture Hack Distribution!!

Ryder's Exciting Texture & Music Pack. First distribution with music.

SiIvaGunner Music Pack. Meant for memes, but I'm actually gonna put high quality music in this pack. None of the music that was in SiIva Kart Wii.

Track Textures

My First Texture Hack (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Texture) it's in the name. Helped made by Empex!

N64 Orange Bricked Castle (N64 Bowser's Castle Texture) second texture hacked with help from Luigids!