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HI I'm Currently Working on a Texture Pack Called The "Golden Pack". Visit the Page if You Want :D

Here is the Golden Pack's Status:

Toadette on Bullet Bike: Golden Toadette

Toadette on Magikruiser: Golden Toad

Funky Kong on Flame Runner: Golden Funky Kong

Luigi on Mach Bike: Golden Luigi

Yoshi on Mach Bike: Golden Yoshi

Wario on Flame Runner: Golden Wario

Peach on Mach Bike: Golden Peach

Donkey Kong on Flame Runner: Golden Donkey Kong

Daisy on Mach Bike: Golden Daisy

Waluigi on Flame Runner: Golden Waluigi

Mario on Mach Bike: Gold Mario (Unreleased Version by Toad Gaming (me))