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About Me

Hello there! I'm known as ThePrimalYoshi. I have been playing Mario Kart Wii since 2009 but only started hacking it in the summer of 2013. Once a FTL hacker in the past, now I retired from hacking code-wise and focus more on other kinds of hacks, being custom textures, musics, etc. I'm currently working on my own custom MKWii distribution known as BluShell Kart Wii, which is currently in BETA and can be downloaded from my YouTube channel. But don't ask when v1 will be out, it'll take some time. (This is also my first time using a wiki, so I apologize if I don't know how to do some things here and all that) I'll upload the links for the textures as I go along updating them (I can't do them all at once though, I have a life too, you know :P)

Where I'm found at

My Youtube channel
My Mario Kart Wii page
My Deviantart page
SoulsWeEat (dead anyway)

Texture Hacks I've made so far

Luigi Circuit

Moo Moo Meadows

Mushroom Gorge

Toad's Factory

Mario Circuit

Coconut Mall

DK Summit

Wario's Gold Mine

Team Aqua's Mine
Team Magma's Mine

Daisy Circuit

Koopa Cape

Maple Treeway

Grumble Volcano

Draco Volcano

Dry Dry Ruins

Moonview Highway

Lake Shore Drive

Bowser's Castle

Rosalina's Abandoned Castle

Rainbow Road

GCN Peach Beach

Gardevoir Beach

DS Yoshi Falls

Molten Falls

SNES Ghost Valley 2

Giratina Boardwalk

N64 Mario Raceway

Blue Shell Raceway

N64 Sherbet Land

Drought Land

GBA Shy Guy Beach

DS Delfino Square

GCN Waluigi Stadium

DS Desert Hills

GBA Bowser Castle 3

N64 DK's Jungle Parkway

GCN Mario Circuit

Gardevoir Circuit

SNES Mario Circuit 3

DS Peach Gardens

GCN DK Mountain

N64 Bowser's Castle

Alpha Castle

Block Plaza

Velvet Plaza

Delfino Pier

Funky Stadium

Chain Chomp Wheel/Roulette

Thwomp Desert

Event Horizon

SNES Battle Course 4

GBA Battle Course 3

N64 Skyscraper

911 World Trade Center
Sky Pillar

GCN Cookie Land

DS Twilight House

Galaxy Colosseum

Velvet Colosseum

Custom Track Texture Hacks

N64 Royal Shell Raceway
3DS Toad's Frozen Circuit

Distributions I've made

BluShell Kart Wii (v1 coming soon)

By the same author: ThePrimalYoshi

Texture Hacks:
Team Aqua's MineTeam Magma's MineDraco Volcano – Lake Shore Drive – Rosalina's Abandoned Castle – Gardevoir Beach – Molten Falls – Giratina Boardwalk – Blue Shell Raceway
Drought Land – Gardevoir Circuit – Alpha Castle – Velvet Plaza – Event Horizon – 911 World Trade Center – Sky Pillar – Velvet Colosseum

Custom Track Texture Hacks:
N64 Royal Shell Raceway – 3DS Toad's Frozen Circuit

Custom Characters:

BluShell Kart Wii (v1 coming soon)

YouTube Channel