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This article is about the bike from Mario Kart Wii. For the bike from Mario Kart 8, see Standard Bike (Wii U).

The Standard Bike is a bike from Mario Kart Wii. There are three variants for each character size class: small (Standard Bike S), medium (Standard Bike M) and large (Standard Bike L).

Other than the Nintendo version, there are currently no versions available.

Names in Other Languages

Standard Bike S

Dutch: Standaardmotor K
French: Moto Légère
German: Mini-Bike
Italian: Moto standard P
Japanese: スタンダード・バイクS
Korean: 스탠더드바이크S
Portuguese: Moto padrão P (NTSC)
Mota Padrão P (PAL)
Russian: Мото-стандарт S
Spanish: Moto Estándar P
Greek: Μικρή Κανον. Μηχανή
Polish: Standardowy Motor S
Finnish: Normiprätkä S
Swedish: Standard Motorcykel S
Czech: Standartní Motorka S
Danish: Standard Motorcykel S

Standard Bike M

Dutch: Standaardmotor M
French: Moto Standard
German: Medi-Bike
Italian: Moto standard M
Japanese: スタンダード・バイクM
Korean: 스탠더드바이크M
Portuguese: Moto padrão M (NTSC)
Mota Padrão M (PAL)
Russian: Мото-стандарт M
Spanish: Moto Estándar M
Greek: Μεσαία Κανον. Μηχανή
Polish: Standardowy Motor M
Finnish: Normiprätkä M
Swedish: Standard Motorcykel M
Czech: Standartní Motorka M
Danish: Standard Motorcykel M

Standard Bike L

Dutch: Standaardmotor G
French: Moto Lourde
German: Maxi-Bike
Italian: Moto standard G
Japanese: スタンダード・バイクL
Korean: 스탠더드바이크L
Portuguese: Moto padrão G (NTSC)
Mota Padrão G (PAL)
Russian: Мото-стандарт L
Spanish: Moto Estándar G
Greek: Μεγάλη Κανον. Μηχανή
Polish: Standardowy Motor L
Finnish: Normiprätkä L
Swedish: Standard Motorcykel L
Czech: Standartní Motorka L
Danish: Standard Motorcykel L