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Hello! I'm quite new to the modding scene, but I hope to fill some of the voids caused by neglected character/vehicle combos and overall just have a good time! Please check out some of my mods, won'tcha?

Though I try my best, some of my mods have some issues with textures, rigging, and filesize. I'll keep learning on my own, but if you want to help a fella out and offer to fix some of these issues, just drop me a line on Discord! I'm @quadraticfour over there. I'd also be happy to collab with you on making an awesome mod! I like to think I'm a bit of a whiz in the BrawlCrate Kitchen (or so I think).

I'm a purveyor of and pioneer in importing Lego models into the game! I've devised a set of methods that I use to get the polygon count low enough to run in a Grand Prix without crashing. I might share those methods with the world, so keep an eye out for any new developments I make!

Recently, I've also gotten a hold of Ninja Ripper, so I can now extract models from mobile games and other PC games! If you've got a model you want me to extract, let me know and we can collab!

Vroom Vroom!

Here's a quick link to my template. This is mainly for me so I don't have to keep typing it into the search bar.