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French Mario Kart Wii player since 2009.

You are free to update my tracks or reuse models and textures without my permission.

Upcoming Tracks

  • N64 Toad's Turnpike
  • GBA Mario Circuit

Custom track updates

Below are listed the changes I would like to make in the future.

N64 Royal Raceway

  • Merge some meshes and textures together for better optimization
  • Add more vertex colors and remove one of the two shadow maps
  • Lighten some shadows
  • Remake the road textures
  • Add reflection in the water (and duplicate some parts of the track upside down)
  • Change the concrete bridge textures
  • Change the wooden bridge texture
  • Remove the background mushrooms (and replace some of them with background hills)
  • Change the castle door regular item box into a bullet bill item box
  • Improve the first intro camera
  • Add more collisions to the trees
  • Change the collision on the last turn before the start line from normal to sticky road (to avoid/reduce microbounces)
  • Find a way to make the preceding turn easier/less treacherous

N64 Wario Stadium

  • Redo the first intro camera
  • Move the big jump and the following bumps/hills a little back
  • Remake the arrow texture
  • Re-edit the post-effects
By the same author: Paratroopa3