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pronouns: she/her
Discord: melodiccatgirl
all my links: Linktree

Hi, I'm Melody. I played Mario Kart Wii when I was younger, and started to get back into it in late 2022. I'm kind of new to modding and I'm currently trying to learn how to make my own things. I haven't really made much, and what I have made is basically just some silly stuff, but feel free to update/edit anything I've made so far.
My usual character/vehicle combos are Toadette on Magikruiser and Mii Outfit B on Mach Bike. My Mii name is Melody𝅘𝅥𝅮. If you happen to play regular worldwides, you might find me there sometimes.

By the same author: MelodicCatgirl

Custom Track:
SW Sky-High Sundae
Texture Hack:
Happy Mountain