Mario Kart Arcade GP DX

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Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
Cover: Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Logo.pngMario Kart Arcade GP VR Logo.png
Developer: Bandai Namco Games
Date of release: Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
  • NTSC-J: 2013-07-25
  • NTSC-U: 2014
  • PAL: 2017
Mario Kart Arcade GP VR
  • NTSC-J: 2017-07-14
  • NTSC-U: 2018-10-01
  • PAL: 2018-08-03


Mario Kart Arcade GP DX is an arcade game featuring Mario and Pac-Man characters. It is the third installment of the Mario Kart that released for the arcades.



Character Listing
Character Name
File:MKAGPDX Baby Mario.jpg Baby Mario
File:MKAGPDX Baby Peach.jpg Baby Peach
File:MKAGPDX King Boo.jpg King Boo
File:MKAGPDX Toad.jpg Toad
File:MKAGPDX Blue Toad.jpg Blue Toad
File:MKAGPDX Don-chan.jpg Don-chan
File:MKAGPDX Strawberry Don-chan.jpg Strawberry Don-chan
File:MKAGPDX Hero Don-chan.jpg Hero Don-chan
File:MKAGPDX Bowser Jr.jpg Bowser Jr.
File:MKAGPDX Lakitu.jpg Lakitu
File:MKAGPDX Peach.jpg Peach
File:MKAGPDX Yoshi.jpg Yoshi
File:MKAGPDX Red Yoshi.jpg Red Yoshi
File:MKAGPDX Black Yoshi.jpg Black Yoshi
File:MKAGPDX Waluigi.jpg Pac-Man
File:MKAGPDX Mario.jpg Mario
File:MKAGPDX Fire Mario.jpg Fire Mario
File:MKAGPDX Tanooki Mario.jpg Tanooki Mario
File:MKAGPDX Luigi.jpg Luigi
File:MKAGPDX Ice Luigi.jpg Ice Luigi
File:MKAGPDX Pac-Man.jpg Pac-Man
File:MKAGPDX Daisy.jpg Daisy
File:MKAGPDX Donkey Kong.jpg Donkey Kong
File:MKAGPDX Bowser.jpg Bowser
File:MKAGPDX Dry Bowser.jpg Dry Bowser
File:MKAGPDX Wario.jpg Wario
File:MKAGPDX Rosalina.jpg Rosalina
File:MKAGPDX Metal Mario.jpg Metal Mario
File:MKAGPDX Gold Mario.jpg Gold Mario


Vehicle Listing
Character Name
File:MKAGPDX Standard Kart.jpg Standard Kart
File:MKAGPDX Lightning Champ.jpg Lightning Champ
File:MKAGPDX Rainy Dream.jpg Rainy Dream
File:MKAGPDX Purple Strike.jpg Purple Strike
File:MKAGPDX Mash Run.jpg Mash Run
File:MKAGPDX Egg Rider.jpg Egg Rider
File:MKAGPDX Sol Balloon.jpg Sol Balloon
File:MKAGPDX Country Winner.jpg Country Winner
File:MKAGPDX Vacuum Star.jpg Vacuum Star
File:MKAGPDX Road Galleon.jpg Road Galleon
File:MKAGPDX Bulldozer.jpg Bulldozer
File:MKAGPDX Don Doko Drive.jpg Don Doko Drive
File:MKAGPDX Sweets Party.jpg Sweets Party
File:MKAGPDX Drill Master.jpg Drill Master
File:MKAGPDX Dyno-Buggy.jpg Dyno-Buggy
File:MKAGPDX Metal Spark.jpg Metal Spark
File:MKAGPDX Galaxy Comet.jpg Galaxy Comet
File:MKAGPDX Road Jetter.jpg Road Jetter
File:MKAGPDX Marine Diver.jpg Marine Diver
File:MKAGPDX X-Racer.jpg X-Racer
File:MKAGPDX Mach Pegasus.jpg Mach Pegasus
File:MKAGPDX Blooper Diver.jpg Blooper Diver
File:MKAGPDX Turbo Dolphin.jpg Turbo Dolphin
File:MKAGPDX Hunter Bee.jpg Hunter Bee
File:MKAGPDX Hamburcar.jpg Hamburcar
File:MKAGPDX Ultra Voyage.jpg Ultra Voyage
File:MKAGPDX Ultra Speeder.jpg Ultra Speeder
File:MKAGPDX Ultra Chaser.jpg Ultra Chaser
File:MKAGPDX Ultra Leon.jpg Ultra Leon


Track Listing
Cup Track
Toad Cup DX Peach Castle
DX Kingdom Way
Mario Cup DX Splash Circuit
DX Tropical Coast
Don-chan Cup DX Bon Dance Street
DX Omatsuri Circuit
Bowser Jr. Cup DX Aerial Road
DX Sky Arena
Bowser Cup DX Bowser's Factory
DX Bowser's Castle
Pac-Man Cup DX PAC-MAN Stadium
DX NAMCO Circuit
DK Cup DX Bananan Labyrinth
DX DK Jungle