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Profile: Kratzean Avatar.png
My Discord server: Kratzeans Modderworld
Discord username: Kratzean#9611
Twitter username: FlashpawSparks
Twitch username: flashpawsparks
YouTube Kratzean

Who I am

My name is Kratzean and I a German modder. I like, to create Mods and Tracks in Mario Kart Wii, but I also create Mods for other games, like Stronghold, Sonic Roboblast 2 and Black&White.

Private distribution

I also created a own distribution, but more for private use, to test different tracks, mods or try to find new settings.


  • Create Custom Tracks
  • find out, how to add Items, more Players, without replacing them
  • try to make 24 players or more possible

Adding Stuff to distributions

My custom Tracks are free to use for everybody.

Stuff I made

That are my hacks and tracks: