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iSlime (also known in-game as ☆ί$|ίmε☆, iSlime_SMG, and ◎.dεrρσ.◎) is a custom texture creator with the set goal of creating textures the use of others.


iSlime has streamed for several years, since 2012-2013. Streams started with F-Zero GX, and Mario Kart Wii. However, things shifted over strictly to Mario Kart over the course of a year. Having played off of an ISO on Dolphin Emulator, iSlime did not have the resources to play CTGP-R. Eventually Mario Kart 8 was released, and for several years, iSlime played many games on the Wii U, mostly MK8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Over this time, iSlime eventually obtained access to CTGP-R and played for a short time in 2015. Unfortunately, his Wii had died shortly after and all was lost. Now, in 2018 iSlime has returned on his Wii U and is now making more custom texture hacks then ever.

Custom Textures List

Custom Map Gradients Pack

Flying Mario

Gold Mario on Dolphin Dasher & Mach Bike

iSlime's Lens Flare

iSlime's Placement Numbers

iSlime's Time/Lap/Score Display

Neon Dark Blue Funky Kong on Flame Runner & Spear

NULL Funky Kong on Flame Runner (APRIL FOOLS 2018)

Rainbow Bananas

Silver Mario on Dolphin Dasher & Mach Bike

SMW (Super Mario World) Item Textures


Neon Dark Blue Funky Kong


Gold Mario & Silver Mario


Flying Mario

By the same author: iSlime