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Avatar: GreenWeebo38's Profile Picture.png
YouTube: GreenWeebo38
Twitter: gw38official
Twitch: GreenWeebo38
Discord: @greenweebo38

Hallo! Nice to meet you! :)

Hallo! I'm GreenWeebo38 or you can call me Weebo I am very new to MKWii Modding and also upload custom characters or Custom Textures in the Future!

also if you would like to play as My Mario Model there's a Link down there ↓

My Friendos UwU

Sedral ·w·


Mowe UwU

Falclairen (No Profile Yet)

By the same author: GreenWeebo38

Custom Model:
GreenWeebo38 in MKWii

Hide&Seek Custom Track Pack:
Weebo's Hide and Seek Custom Track PackWeebo's Wiiu Hide and Seek Custom Track Pack

Character Edits:

Texture Hacks:
Pansexual Road