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Hey ho, let's go, folklore and rock'n'roll ~ Zdob si Zdub, 2022

Hello! I'm Kiara and I'm cool I guess. I create models for custom tracks (if you need a model, ask me). I work with Blender + and mostly vertex colours. Though my style heavily resembles the Mario Kart Tour artstyle (which is much more cartoony). I mostly recreate SNES and GBA tracks, but sometimes I make new tracks as well, though I don't port anything. Everything I make has been made from scratch.

I usually work on Super Mario Kart or Super Circuit or new tracks since I have more room to play with then.

I'm from Germany and I am cool so add me as a friend on Discord (ecd534) or follow me on Twitter (ecdthefennec) if you need a model.

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