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Vadenimo's Profile Picture.jpeg
YouTube: Vadenimo
Twitter: Vadenimo2k21
Twitch: Vadenimo
Discord: @Vadenimo#6153
My Mario Kart Wii Player Statistics
Favorite Characters: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Dry Bowser, Rosalina & Mii Outfit B
Favorite Custom Character: Dixie Kong
Favorite Karts: Sprinter/B Dasher Mk 2, Standard Kart, Blue Falcon, Wild Wing
Favorite Bikes: Mach Bike, Dolphin Dasher, Wario-Bike & Flame Runner, Magikruiser
Favorite Nintendo-Track (Nitro Cup): DK Summit
Favorite Nintendo-Track (Retro Cup): N64 Mario Raceway
Favorite Custom Track: Luncheon Tour
Favorite Custom Track (Retro): GBA Mario Circuit

About Me

Hi, I'm Vadenimo! I was the Creator of the Mario Kart Wii: High Quality Remaster Mod-Pack, before it got cancelled and this is my User Page for the Wiki. I'm a German 16th year old Nintendo-Modder who likes to mod Wii games the most. Furthermore, I have knowledge about TPL/BBRES, BRLYT, BRCTR and about BRSTM Editing. But I can also mod my 3DS, my Wii U and I had a hackable Nintendo Switch, unfortunately it bricked... UPDATE: I got a new one in 2021. That's why I can mod a Nintendo Switch console currently. I'm interested in unreal stories, that's why I like to write stories. I'm a Gamer of course, my favourite Nintendo-Franchises are Super Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. Nintendo's Games are fantastic, but the marketing personal at the company is bad.

By the same author: Vadenimo

Texture Hacked Nintendo Tracks:
Vadenimo CircuitMoo Moo StreetsMoo Moo Meadows HQPlanet Puprle-Blue GorgeEvening FactoryRosalina Town

Texture Hack Distributions:
Vaden Kart Wii (Work in Progress)

Cancelled Texture Hack Distributions:
Mario Kart Wii High Quality Remaster