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Hi! I'm from Serbia. I follow this site for a long time because I'm fascinated with Mario Kart games for about fifteen years (from the first SNES version). With Mario Kart Wii, Things went much further, specially because of this great community and all editing stuff. I started to make some custom tracks but, unfortunately, they all faded when I was install my PC operating system from scratch and forgot to beckup all of my work. What a pity... Nevertheless, I have some of my texture hacked tracks and I would like to share them with all of you. I will upload them in the near future and I hope that you will like it. My ambitions are graat (custom tracks, texture hacks, custom music, custom voices, backward tracks...) but I'm adult now and I don't have so much time to realize all of my plans with Mario Kart Wii so fast. I rarely play this game online because I don't like concept of it at all (no custom tournaments, just shallow race for points). I prefer to play in my room with some of my friends although the price for it is pretty high because of split-screen picture and low frame rate but, in my opinion, it's priceless when you see your friend near you as he yelling and sceaming when he loose and you win! :D I'm honored that I'm full member of this community now and I hope that we will have some great time with our beloved game and all hacks for it as it was until now. Thank you.

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