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Aliases Bass_PHOX
Pronouns She/Her please!
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Discord Bass PHOX#9420

About Me

Oh hey there. I'm Glitch, Also known as Bass_PHOX. I'm currently working hard on various different projects such as the Dubstep Music Pack and an entire video game. I have noticed I have a knack for anything related to code. I'm still learning however. So expect some hiccups every once in a while.

I have recently found out that I am not happy with who I am. I learned that I'm a Girl inside of a Boy's body. This I think was a massive contribution to the fallout I had earlier this year. Becouse of this I am a strong supporter for trans rights and I ask kindly for your respect towards this decision.

I am also in the process of changing my name. Because its hard to change my name on this wiki, you can always find the name I prefer in my Alias box. Though I may change this set-up at some point.

To the community

I would again like to thank the community here for their help in making sure my pages look right. I know its very little effort, but it means a lot to me. I strive to have my things done properly and the small edits I've seen so far are giving me an insight on how its supposed to look.

Planned Projects

Since I've had a long break from modding, I was able to think of a few projects I could do.

- Mario Kart Wii Riddim Music Pack.

- Mario Kart Wii X Friday Night Funkin'. Currently just planning on porting over music. But if I figure out model editing, I could consider retexturing MKWii in a Friday Night Funkin' style.

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