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Cuke // Koncentraitor
Profile Picture: Cuke's Profile Picture.png
Favorite Mario Kart Wii Tracks: DK Summit, Grumble Volcano, Mushroom Gorge, Coconut Mall
Favorite CTGP Revolution Tracks Heart of China, Mushroom Peaks, Desktop Dash, SMO RC Car Circuit
Favorite Mario Characters: Shy Guy, Bowser Jr.(Obviously), and Waluigi
YouTube Channel: Koncentraitor
Random Fact My 3 favourite YouTubers are: DGR Dave, Mayro, and Plainrock124
Discord: Currently Unavailable
My Birth Date: April 2nd

Current Status

Update: I no longer have a official Discord account as of now, so If you need to contact me use my twitter @Koncentraitor44 or this tockdom Profile, thanks.


I'm Koncentraitor, a Modder and Hacker with nintendo games, such as; Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 8, Super Paper Mario, and more!


I'm Cuke / Koncentraitor, I'm a 16 year old MKWII Veteran who found Custom Mario Kart in Fall 2019, I live in Canada, I am an asexual he/him, I am creating and thinking of new mods with Clipeus, who has helped with the Diamond Runner, Extreme Runner, and more, I had 9999vr (and 69420vr) on WFC, and have 8000+vr on Wiimmfi as of March 31, 2021.

If you would like to showcase something of mine, just don't forget to mention me in the Description!

Current Projects

Platinum Hack Pack: FINISHED! I have created a Pack of Modifications including THE Platinum Runner, Max-Weight/Drift/Mini-Turbo Booster Seat, and more!

Diamond Runner (Stat Edit) (Diamond Funky Kong (Funky Kong Texture) : FINISHED! It took a while, but We (Me and Clipeus) have created a Modification so broken it's a hazard in the wrong hands. All Stats have been virtually maxed out, and can destroy any thing in its way!

-Cuke // Koncentraitor ❯❯❯ Talk