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Hi, I'm Cealgair! I made a CT downloader, since I used to find the process of manually downloading hundreds of files quite tedious. I previously stated that I didn't have time to update it, but I think I can make some small updates from time to time, or merge it with some better distribution-making tools. I have ideas from some other tools as well, but I'm not sure I have the time or the motivation to make them. I'm currently a lurker on the Wiiki, I often check for new custom tracks or characters and every once in a while I get up and make some edits. Feel free to contact me through my talk page tho, I'll definitely see it.

By the same author: Cealgair

How to pronounce my username

TLDR: cea like in sea🌊, air like in air💨, stress on the final sillable. Katakana should be シールゲー.

My username is the Scottish Gaelic word for hypocrite. Since I don't speak Scottish Gaelic myself, I have no idea how to properly pronounce it. The closest thing to an answer I could find is cealgaire on Wiktionary, which is basically the same word but in Irish. I also found the Wikipedia article on Scottish Gaelic phonology and orthography, but, as you can see in the Lenition and spelling section, you need to know a lot of fancy linguistics terms to figure out how to properly pronounce any word without knowing the language. So, if you happen to speak Scottish Gaelic, please let me know how to pronounce it. Thanks :)

In the meantime, since it's impractical to have a username with an unknown pronounciation, I just made up an (American) English-sounding one, which is [sil.ˈɡɛɹ]. It definitely sounds nothing like the original word in Scottish Gaelic, but at this point I think it's better to not even try. Also, feel free to pronounce it with your own accent (following the TLDR above). I'm not American myself, so I won't mind.

Ideas for a custom character file format

Here's a thing I would (try to) do if I had the time: make a file format to release custom characters (and vehicles) in just one file (instead of one szs file for each combination, plus the multiplayes models, plus the menu models, plus the icons, plus the voices (which I have no clue whatsoever on how they work), plus a bunch of other stuff). I haven't thought of a catchy name for that format yet, so I'll call it "ccc" here.

I'd obviously have to make some tools to handle ccc files, which are, at least:

  • one for creating a ccc file from several different files (the szs's and so on);
  • one for getting those files back from the ccc file;
  • one for easily replacing the character in an extracted iso (which is actually the main reason why I would want such a file format: replacing all of the files manually is very tedious).

I also think that the ccc file format should be made in such a way that it can handle complete characters, characters without some files (like the menu models or the multiplayer models or the icons), characters that only go over certain vehicles, vehicles with custom BSP files (like Purple Strike (TravixMan) for example) and so on. I also think it is impossible to account for all of the different possibilities from the start so I think the ccc file format should be designed in such a way to allow for future versions (and so do the related tools).

Finally, I think ccc files should contain YAZ0-compressed files and not something similar to WBZ files, simply because the tool for replacing the characters would run faster. Of course, one could later develop a file format similar to ccc but with files similar to WBZ inside and make an archive with those files like Wiimm's Custom Archive. Actually, an archive is needed nonetheless: first, because there are many interesting characters with broken downloads and an archive would prevent more of them from meeting the same fate; second, because I'd want people to actually use this format if I made it so an archive would be a great way to accomplish that goal.

If anyone has some better ideas than mine (which is likely) or wants to go ahead of me and actually make this thing happen, feel free to talk about those things in my talk page because I'll be more than happy to hear you out.

Ideas for bored CT creators

I'm not a CT creator, but if you are and you find yourself bored (which I'm told happens fairly frequently in 2021) I'd have a few ideas for what to do. I mean, who doesn't have them anyways.

Track updates

Here's a list of CTs that I really like but that I think could benefit from an update. I know a lot of the tracks listed here are from a CT Jam and/or still in beta. I'm not impatient, I really like those tracks even as they are.

For future reference, I'm also writing down the date at the time of me adding it to this table.

Track Date What
Lunar Spaceway 28 apr 2021 Visual overhaul
Cool Castle Canyon 28 apr 2021 Visual overhaul
Crystal Plains 28 apr 2021 Fix that ramp
Mos Espa Podrace 28 apr 2021 Speed mod instead of boost, item boxes, general polish
CT Cemetery 28 apr 2021 General polish
Adrastea Station 28 apr 2021 General polish
Canyon Craft 28 apr 2021 General polish
Trainbow Road (MysterE99) 28 apr 2021 Un-jank the uphill section
SSBB Port Town Aero Dive 28 apr 2021 Un-jank the uphill sections
Monaco GP 28 apr 2021 General polish
Item Fireland 1 may 2021 Visual overhaul
Adrastea Station 2 may 2021 Fix CPU lines
Sonoran Canyon 12 may 2021 General polish
Flying Kingdom 12 may 2021 Fix CPU lines on last corner
DS Waluigi Pinball (Sniki) 31 aug 2021 Move the sign after the first ramp after the cannon, it's too easy to bonk into it.


Here's a list of random themes for new CTs, in no particular order, which I'd love to see some day.