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Wiimmfi Maintenance in November

The (physical) server that hosts the Wii-Homebrew.com forum and Wiimmfi is already a few years old, so we are planning on moving the forum and Wiimmfi onto a new server.

As already announced on the Wiimmfi page, that server move / migration will take place between November 11th and November 17th 2019.

During this time there can be infrequent outages, including a longer downtime between November 14th and November 16th while we are performing the actual move. During this time, no tournaments should be planned on Wiimmfi because you might get kicked from Wiimmfi without any special notice. The Wii-Homebrew.com forum won't always be available during this time as well.

After the successful migration, the Wiimmfi server will be reachable under a different IP address (will be announced later). That doesn't change anything about the normal operation of Wiimmfi and/or the Wii-Homebrew.com forum, but if you have the Wiimmfi IP address entered as DNS server in your console (for example to use the str2hax EULA exploit), you will need to change that to the new IP after the successful move to be able to connect to Wiimmfi after that time.

More Details on Wii-Homebrew.com!