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Just updating old tracks I guess.

I am in the process of ripping and texturing all of the PMWR tracks/battle arenas.
If you would like a model just ask me on discord.

You are free to edit, update, or use anything I release Here.

Track Updates

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Oh ok#0560

Name Date of Release Latest Version
SM64 Whomp's Fortress 2018-11-11 RC3.1
Alphina 2018-12-6 RC2.1
Hidden Land 2019-03-11 Beta 2
Unnamed (Maurice6912) 2019-04-10 v2.0
Peach's Ruined Castle 2019-04-26 v1.0a
Luigi Park 2019-05-04 Beta 2
Block's Castle 2019-05-04 RC2
Pipe Circuit 2019-05-15 RC2
Blue Sky Box 2019-05-15 RC2
GCN Baby Park (Ugotowned35000vr) 2019-06-08 RC1.1
GBA Bowser Castle 1 (Ugotowned35000vr) 2019-06-08 Beta 2
Minecrafteer3 Oval 2019-06-21 Beta 2
IuCat03's Road 2019-06-21 v1.3
Riru's Course 2019-07-11 v1.5
Night Fortress 2019-07-11 v1.5
Random Rainbows 2019-08-07 RC3
Kinoko Garden 2019-08-07 Beta 2
Penguin Canyon Defi 2019-08-25 v1.1
Glacial Pics 2019-09-10 v4.5
Rempart Road 2 2019-09-10 v1.5
Temple Bay 2 2019-09-10 v1.5
Volcanic Loop 2019-09-10 RC2
Volcano Island (NinYoda1) 2019-09-10 v1.5

Custom Tracks

Name Date of Release Latest Version
PMWR King's Kourse 2019-03-03 Beta