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Avatar: Oddzoff's Avatar.png
Programs I use for Custom Characters: 3ds Max, Blender, (Sometimes) Roblox, BrawlCrate.
YouTube: Oddzoff
Discord: oddzoff!#5571
Gamebanana Profile: Oddzoff
Discord Server: Discord

About Me

I am Oddzoff. Usually known for my character mods. I don't have any ideas right now, and I show my mods off on Discord.


  • If you want any requests, you'll have to talk to me, and then give me some points in gamebanana.
  • Might retire in a while if able to.
  • i like baby mario lol

Custom Characters

Custom Karts
character version planned updates? notes
Monroe v1.0 yes needs compressed textures and doesn't work on console
Female Villager v1.1 yes needs compressed textures and doesn't work on console
Pac-Father v1.0 no only goes over the mach bike
Mini Mario v2.1 yes on some vehicles, Mini Mario is glowy.
Tuxie v1.1 yes Tuxie has bad shaders.
Chain Chomp v1.0 no i gave up.
Whittle v1.0 no gave up on this as well.
Midbus v1.0 Small Fix no good enough
Magolor v1.0 maybe eh idk
Mametchi v1.0b no good enough
Poppy Bros. Jr. v1.0 no good enough
Jellyfish v2.0 no good enough
Crewmates v1.0d maybe if someone tells me what is wrong then i will fix it

Custom Karts

Custom Karts
kart version planned updates? notes
Light Tripper v1.0 yes needs an allkart

By the same author: Oddzoff

Custom Characters:
MonroeFemale VillagerPac-FatherParty PhilMini MarioTuxieChain ChompWhittleMidbusMagolorMametchiPoppy Bros. Jr.JellyfishCrewmates

Custom Karts:
Light Tripper (Oddzoff)