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Beginning with MKW-Fun 2015-12 different random track selections are supported. The selection is integrated into the track selection screen (see picture).

At this page we collect translations for different languages. To keep the width of the table small, the languages are ordered vertically.

language Texts
ca (fr Canada) Aléatoire  ?  ?  ?  ?
de Zufällig Alle Strecken Original-Strecken Custom-Strecken Neue Strecken
en Random All Tracks Original Tracks Custom Tracks New Tracks
es Aleatorio  ?  ?  ?  ?
fr Aléatoire Toutes les Pistes Pistes Originales Custom Tracks Pistes Nouvelles
it Casuale Tutti i Circuiti Circuiti Originali Custom Tracks Circuiti Nuovi
jp おまかせ  ?  ?  ?  ?
ko 랜덤  ?  ?  ?  ?
mx (es Mexico) Aleatorio  ?  ?  ?  ?