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Hi! My name's Cameron, and you can call me that, Worcester, or Worcestershirey. Or anything, really, I'll answer to any and all names most likely. I make various mods, mostly texture and music mods of... varying quality. If you'd like to get in contact with me, my Discord is Worcestershirey®#7476

Character Textures

These are the textures I've released for the world to use. I have other textures, however they are made specifically for people, so I have decided to not release and will leave it to them to release if they so desire.

Hairless Donkey Kong

Black Peach

Tired Luigi


Punky Kong

Hairless Diddy Kong

Track Textures

Sadcow Moo Moo Meadows

Music Packs


Worcester's Pokémon Music Pack

Custom Tracks

Peach's Fortress (WIP)

Custom Track Concepts

Some ideas for custom tracks I had that I haven't acted on, feel free to use them! Contact me if you would like the sketchup files.

Carolina Motorsports Park

This would be a recreation of Carolina Motorsports Park, a real-life racetrack in Kershaw, South Carolina. This would either be the karting course (top left) or one of the layouts of the main course.

Carolina Motorsports Park.JPG Karting track and main course

Carolina karting track layout.JPG Sketchup layout of the karting track and its various layouts

Uncertain theme layout

Unsure of the theme of this track, it's just a layout. Could be pretty much whatever one would want. I view it as a generic circuit track, but it can go anywhere.

Uncertain themed layout.JPG

1:1 scale Daytona International Speedway

This is basically just a meme track, not really intended to get into CTGP or anything. Never got around to 3D modeling it, and likely won't.

Dayona 1-1 scale.JPG

By the same author: Worcestershirey