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Wiimm's Custom Archive is a service (website https://ct.wiimm.de/) by Wiimm. It allows an easy access to custom tracks and arena archive. This article focuses at Custom Track Selections and Test Distributions supported by the website.


The website ct.wiimm.de supports the management of Custom Track Selections and Test Distributions. Distributions use selections as basis. The main idea is, to give all track creators and testers a chance to test tracks online with enabled item cheats. Item cheats are very important to simulate situations. The best test for item routes are red shells and Bullet Bill.

Don't be confused about Test Distributions created by ct.wiimm.de and official custom track distributions from external resources. At this article we talk about the first kind, the Test Distributions.

Custom Track Selections

Each registered user with the granted rights can create and manage custom track selections. The creator can:

  • Create and manage track selections.
  • Give each track selection a name. The name can be edited at any time.
  • Add an additional information. The information can be edited at any time.
  • Add tracks to the selection by using the search, family or info pages.
  • Remove tracks from the selection by using the search, family or info pages, or by using the track list of the selection.
  • Grant other users read or edit rights. The edit right supports collective selections.
  • Publish s track list ⇒ all visitors of ct.wiimm.de can see the selection and its track lists.
  • Create a Test Distribution (needs additional right).

The main goal of a Track Selection is the usage by a Test Distribution. Anyway, simply managing and showing tracks list is also a good reason to create a track selection. The number of tracks for each selection is usually limited to 40 tracks. Wiimm can change it for each selection from 1 to 255.

Test Distributions

The idea of test distributions is to give authors a chance to test new and updated tracks online using item cheats. Each registered user with the granted rights can create a Test Distribution without specific knowledge.

Create a new test distribution

On creation, the website asks for:

  • A track selection. Each accessible tracks selection with 1 or more tracks can be used as basis.
  • A name for the test distribution. The name can be edited at any time.
  • An additional information. The information can be edited at any time.
  • LE-CODE or CT-CODE distibution.
  • Include item cheats, or not.
  • Enable or disable the performance monitor (LE-CODE only).

After pressing »create test distribution« the websites start to create it. First it analyses the settings and print a log. Then it start to create a distribution generator and pack it as 7z archive. The whole process takes about 1 to 2 minutes. Most of the time is needed to pack it into the 7z archive.

All steps of the creation:

  • The website prints the names of selection and test distribution.
  • The website checks the track list.
  • The website creates the needed cheats with or without item cheats.
  • The website defines a unique secret to access the completed test distribution (see below for more details).
  • The website selects a disk id out from the range RMC*X0 to RMC*ZZ.
  • The website selects a Wiimmfi region in the range 11000–11999 for distributions without item cheats and 21000–21999 for distributions with item cheats.
  • A text console becomes visible. It shows the creation and packing progress.
  • Finally on success, a private link (containing the secret) to the management and download page and it printed. The creator can freely decide, how to publish it to the tester team, to friends or at any public place.

Don't worry, if you forgotten to save the link. The link is available at the private list of test distributions too.

List of available test distributions

At this page, a creator sees all his own test distributions merged with all public distributions. Visitors see only public distributions. The list can be sorted by different attributes. The »GET« link is the same as provided after creation.

Get a test distribution

This page is protected by a secret link. Only if a visitor knows the link, it can enter the page and download the distribution. The link is either published by the creator, or available by the list of published test distributions.

At any time, the creator can enable or disable the download. The download link itself has a basic protection against robots. SO cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.

The download itself it a 7z archive containing a patcher. The patching system is the same as used for Wiimms Mario Kart Fun and for Intermezzo. Each user needs a copy of a original disc of Mario Kart Wii to create the test distribution. The patching system runs on Windows and Linux (Mac has issues) and can create Riivolution setups and complete images for USB loaders.

Register to ct.wiimm.de

To use these advanced features, you have to register and to login to ct.wiimm.de.