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Wiimm's Custom Archive is a service (website https://ct.wiimm.de/) by Wiimm. It allows an easy access to custom tracks and arena archive. This article focuses at the registration to ct.wiimm.de.

Reasons for Registration

In general, there is no advantage to become user at ct.wiimm.de. There are 3 exceptions:

  • Some custom tracks are marked as private and hidden from the public. The tracks were sent to Wiimm for tests only and the authors ask for the private status. Such tracks can be assigned to registered users to allow the private access. So a reason for an account can be private tracks of the user.
  • If an user wants to manage a track selection, that should be published in this Wiki.
  • Track authors and testing teams, that want to create test distribution to test new and updated tracks online.

If you comply with one of these reasons, continue with the next section.

How to Register

At the moment, only few people will be accepted by Wiimm.

If you fulfill at least one of the reasons of above, you can try to register to ct.wiimm.de. You must have an account at Wii-Homebrew.com and have to send a private message to Wiimm. Use »Register to ct.wiimm.de« as title for the message and declare the reasons for the account and an account name.