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WBZ/WU8 Converter
Creator: MrKoeikoei (Thanks to Wiimm)
File Formats:
Version: v2
Video: YouTube
Download: MEGA

The WBZ/WU8 Converter is a software that helps people converting WBZ, WU8 and U8 files. Since custom track Creators and other hackers in the Mario Kart Wii community started using WBZ and WU8 files, MrKoeikoei got a lot of messages and requests about how to convert such files. People were facing problems with converting them and didn't know how to use Wiimms SZS Tools. That's why MrKoeikoei decided to make a noob-friendly converter with a GUI, so it was easy for everyone to convert those files, and play those tracks. The program doesn't convert those files by itself, but automatically creates a command line with your settings, and sends it to Wiimms SZS Tools. If you want an auto-add archive, try to create one with Wiimms SZS Tools, or ask MrKoeikoei for the archive.


Version 2

Version 2 is way different from version 1. It comes with more features, and support multiple file converting at once. In the first version, you were only able to convert U8 and WU8 files. Version 2 also has 4 extra options for converting files. Those are:

  • Auto scale minimap
  • Remove AIParam
  • Clean KCL
  • Remove faced down road triangles

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