WBFS Manager

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WBFS Manager
Creator: AlexDP
File Formats:
Version: 3.0.1
Download: wbfsmanager.codeplex.com

The WBFS Manager is software, providing a GUI, which generates a WBFS image from a Wii image and copies it to a WBFS formatted drive.

The WBFS Manager is one of the first WBFS tools. It has known bugs and destroys frequently WBFS partitions. So use other WBFS tools.


The main function of WBFS Manager is to transfer WBFS images to a WBFS Drive. But it is also able to format a drive to a WBFS drive.


To view the current files on a WBFS Drive select the drive and click on load. The files will appear and any new WBFS files will be added to this drive.


To make a drive allow WBFS images it has to be formatted in a WBFS Format. Once this is done the drive is ready to be used.

Note: Not all external drives can be used.

Add to drive

This will add the selected image to the WBFS drive. Some images need alot of space and in case the image needs more space than the drive supports the bar under the drive list will be red.

The use of WBFS drives

Once your WBFS drive is ready you need homebrew that can load from an external drive inserted in the wii. There are plenty of USB Loaders which are able to do it. Some wii images have to be patched because they can throw error #002 when loaded trough the wrong way. This patched image only works trough an usb loader which has a 002 fix option