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Hello! My name is Jason (but you can call me Zeraora), I work on a distribution for Mario Kart Wii called Mario Kart Wii: Battle Royale. The distribution features an actual working battle royale! I stream my progress on my twitch and following would be nice.

Gecko/ASM Coding

I have started my adventures as an ASM coder. With the help of masterminds like Vega and Seeky, I have gotten to learn lots of their tricks and without them, I wouldn't be as knowledgeable with codes as I am today.

Avatar: Zeraora's Profile Picture.png
Discord: imzeraora
Discord Server: Discord
Twitch Channel: Twitch
Codes I have made:
Randomized CC Online
Randomized CC Grand Prix
Do Not Set Up MenuData and RaceData to Game
Don't Display Star Rank

Other Life

Along with MKWBR dev work, I am a high tier Overwatch 2 Player. I am in the top 1% of the community, ranked at Grandmaster 5 (peaking at top 100 in the US). This is where I got the inspiration for the Mario Kart Wii: Ranked Play ranking system.