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Yosh ! It's me, YoshiVert99 ! I am a french green Yoshi who was born in 1999. I started the video game modding at the age of 12, with a New Super Mario Bros Wii and then Super Mario World hacks (look at the links below).

List of tracks created (from old to new) :

Peach's Castle Raceway


Yoshi's Islet

Space Odyssey

Surfing Road

Nocturnal Coast

Lava Pit

Aqua Temple

Desert of the Two Roads

Castle Moat

Aperture Laboratories

Crystal Yoshi's Cave


List of arenas created (from old to new) :

Mushroom Canyon

Sunny Beach

Presentation of my other hacks

New Super Mario Bros Wii : The Legend Of Yoshi

This hack took me around 4 years of work and it contains modifications of levels, musics and new textures ! More informations below :

Download link :

Official page :

Super Mario World : A Journey To Save The Yoshis

This hack is a small project made in parallel with the previous. He took me around 70 hours of work. It's a vanilla hack, I've just modified levels and map. More informations below :

Official page :

Super Mario World 2 : Yoshi's Lullaby

This hack was a "secret project" made in parallel with my custom tracks. He took me around 200 hours of work. The hack contains 54 new levels and other modifications. More informations below :

Official page : SOON, but you can still test it by visiting


Check my Youtube channel to discover all my work !