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My personal CT history


In September 2009 I started my work with Wiimms ISO Tools. The reason was simple: I wanted to have a working WBFS Manager for Linux. At that time I haven't any thoughts on custom tracks.


I noticed the custom track scene of Mario Kart and I started to collect the tracks. But playing only with my family and the computer drivers was very boring. So I decided together with Jillian to create a Custom Track Distribution.
Jillians and my first Custom Track Distribution was ready. The BMG files have been edited with the SZS Modifier and the image was created with WiiScrubber. It was very hard work, because each change must be done interactive. So I decided to extend my tools and create new tools to automate the creation of distributions.
I started 2 projects:
  • Expand my Wiimms ISO Tools, so that they can extract and create Wii images.
  • Creating a new set of scripts to handle BMG and SZS related jobs.
Wiimms ISO Tools can extract Wii images to single files.
Wiimms ISO Tools can compose Wii images from scratch by reading single files. Until now, my tools are the only working one with this composing feature.
2010-05 – 2010-10
I developed a Patching System, so that other users can patch their original MKW image to get my distribution. The patcher supports Linux, Mac and Windows systems. At the same time I developed a Patch Creator, that read files from different project directories and create the needed files for the patching system And I worked on Wiimms SZS Tools and Wiimms ISO Tools to fiy bugs and to add new features.
I released my second Custom Track Distribution. Because the patcher was not ready, I created the images by myself and share them with some friends.
I released my third Custom Track Distribution. Patching Creator and Patching System were ready. The distribution was a test for the complete softare.
My first public Custom Track Distribution.


Now I have time to plan a new tool set, that shall replace the scripts and complete the automatic distribution creation. After planning I start the implementation of Wiimms SZS Tools.
The first version of Wiimms SZS Tools was able to extract and create SZS files.
For easier script support, I defined a text version of BMG files. With this release the new tool wbmgt can convert BMG from and to the text format. Also direct patching of BMG files was possible.
After analysing the StaticR.rel file, I found out, how the order of tracks and cups is defined. Since the following version of the SZS Tools, tool wstrt can change the track order. Wiimms Mario Kart N64 2012-10 was the first distribution that used this feature.
Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2011-06 was the first distribution fully created by Wiimms ISO Tools, Wiimms SZS Tools and a lot of scripts based an o make file.
I adapt the region patching of CTGP-R and implemented it into tool wstrt. This feature was first used for Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2011-11.