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Profile Pic: Whipinsnapper Petey Profile.jpg
YouTube Channel: Whipinsnapper
Discord: bodo.g


Hey, I'm Whipinsnapper! I'm a long-time MKWii player and have made a solid amount of mods. My main forte has mostly been custom character mods, but I have also tried out custom track creation, having participated in a Custom Track Jam and helped create its Turbo Jams spin-off. I also have a YouTube channel where I upload content about my mods.

I'd appreciate credit when using my mods! If you use them in a video or distribution, just go ahead and mention my name and stick a link in the description.

A while ago, I helped make the Custom MKDD Wiki, which is now being administrated by Tarsa129 and Yoshi2. Check it out if you're interested, they both put a ton of work into it and it's a great tool!

Current Status

Not very active in the community, but every once in a while I'll put something out. Currently working on Character Killer, which is a program to help with custom character creation. Feedback is much appreciated!

By the same author: Whipinsnapper

Character Killer

Custom Tracks:
8-Bit Way

Track Textures:
Alpine Peak: After HoursAurora GardenCrepuscular MeadowDK's Fiery Volcano

Custom Characters:
Beeg Yoshi Colors PackBonnieCheeseburgerChester the CheetahDonald TrumpKiller BeanLancerLuigi (Luigi's Mansion)SidSlammerThe FarmerTiptupWario ApparitionWhite Raccoon Mario

Character Textures:
Baby Mr. LBaby PaulineBaby WarioBomb BooColored ToadsCrimson BowserDark BowserDark Bowser Jr.Deep Space RosalinaDripped Up FunkyFire DaisyFire WaluigiFire WarioHomie BowserIce PeachLuigi with CappyMario (Boxer Shorts)Mario (Tuxedo)Mario with CappyMolten BowserMr. WMutant BowserOcean BowserPurple Baby LuigiPurple Daisy on Wild WingRockstar BowserShadow KoopaSkater KongSMS Bowser Jr.Sunken BowserThe Scorched KingWaLuigiWario BowserYeti Kong

Incomplete Characters:
CactuarCloud LuigiDaffy DuckKrusty the ClownPoSkeleton Luigi

Custom Objects:
ChoombaChief Chilly (Goomba)Dr. Goomba TowerGaloombaGoombowserJack-o-GoombaKamek (Bat)OctoombaShy Guy (Goomba)SM64 Goomba

Common.szs Mods:
Bowser's Shell (Green Shell)Burger (Green Shell)Dash Pepper (Thundercloud)Jellyfish (Blooper)Lakithunder (Lakitu)Magenta DriftMario's Head (Green Shell)Patrick Star (Blue Shell)Spiny (Red Shell)Yoshi Egg (Bomb)

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