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Country: Sweden
YouTube: WexosMK

My Custom Tracksssssssssssssssss

Name Date of latest release Status
Strange Land 2015-07-02 v1.2
Top City 2015-09-14 v2.1
Volcanic Land 2015-08-12 RC1

My Retro Tracks

Name Date of latest release Status
3DS Bowser's Castle 2017-03-18 v1.1
3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon 2015-12-24 RC1
3DS DK Jungle (Wexos) 2017-10-14 RC1
3DS DK Jungle (Wexos & Crile) 2015-10-18 RC1
3DS Maka Wuhu 2016-02-28 Beta
DS Bowser Castle 2015-09-17 v1.0
DS Wario Stadium 2016-06-20 v1.0
SNES Bowser Castle 1 2015-07-22 v1.2b
SNES Bowser Castle 2 2015-09-27 v1.1
SNES Mario Circuit 2 2017-11-26 v1.0
SNES Rainbow Road 2015-08-08 v2.1

Custom Track Edits

These are the custom tracks that I have edited, helped or fixed something.

Name Author(s) Version
DS Donkey Course wg93589 RC2
DS Luigi's Cookie Pinball wg93589 & Maximiliano Beta 1
Nightmare Maximiliano v1.beta
Sideways Beach Maximiliano & Amk528 v1.1

Current Projects

Wexos's Toolbox

A plugin-based program which aims to have as many Nintendo file formats supported as possible.

SMG2 Rolling Coaster Galaxy

I am porting this track from Super Mario Galaxy 2. All the vertex colors have been redone and also the KCL. There are lots of complex shaders so it's pretty challenging, but most of them are finished. There are a couple of problems, which are caused by the track layout itself, that I don't know how I should fix, like the skybox which is huge and causes it to Z-fight with the black background. Because of all the issues this track is currently on hold.


Wexos's Toolbox

Wexos's Toolbox is a plugin-based program created by me. It supports lots of file formats and also some tools and calculators.

Outdated Software

These are old software created by me that shouldn't be used. Either they doesn't work correctly, or they have better support in Wexos's Toolbox.

Name Status Info
BRASD Editor v1.0.0.0 This program allows you to edit BRASD files.
BRCTR Editor v1.0.2.2 This program allows you to edit BRCTR files. This program will remain private because of the gameplay changes it can make.
BRCTR Position Editor v1.0.1.0 This program allows you to edit the positions in BRCTR files. It is based on my BRCTR Editor.
KCL Flag Calculator This program allows you to calculate KCL flag. It was originally made for Atlas.
KMP To KMP Converter v1.0.2.0 This program allows you to convert a MK7 KMP to a MKWII KMP. Currently for private use only.
NKM To KMP Converter v1.0.1.1 This program allows you to convert a NKM to a MKWII KMP. Currently for private use only.
Post-Effect Editor v0.1.0 This program allows you to edit the files found in the folder posteffect.