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Avatar: Weebvile's Profile Picture.png
Discord: Weebvile#1258
GameBanana: Weebvile

Hi, I'm Weebvile. I spend way too much time in Photoshop.

I specialize in texture hacks and icons, but I plan to eventually branch out into model edits.

I'll probably release a million new versions of my mods since I'm almost never happy with the final product, so be prepared to re-download something.

You're free to use any of my mods in your packs as long as you give credit. If you want to use mods I've updated, I'd recommend reaching out to the original author.

By the same author: Weebvile

Custom Characters:
Shenmue Funky

Updates and Contributions:
Dry Bowser Jr.Metal MarioMr. M