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Discord: PlayersPurity (純度)#1729
Youtube: PlayersPurity

Hello! I'm PlayersPurity (also known as Purity). I specialize in custom character, UI, music and sound modding. Please ask for my permission if you'd like to fix or update my work.

Current Projects

Mario Kart DS Wii

Mario Kart DS Wii is an upcoming Pulsar based CT distribution for Mario Kart Wii. It will feature unique gameplay mechanics such as Mario Kart DS' miniturbo charging and item probabilities. Custom characters, vehicles (including modified stats for both), UI, music and sounds will also be added and ported as accurately as possible to create a nostalgic experience. This project is currently in its pre-alpha state, meaning that most of the assets and features have been added, but some are still missing and in the works as seen in this video below.

Pre-alpha showcase