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About Me

Hello, I am a french 20 years old Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii modder since 2013!
I also try to find "lost" versions of custom tracks to stock and share them to the community, so they aren't lost forever.
My youtube channel.
I lefted the community several times due to a lack of free time and motivation...
Some playlists : MKWii Custom Tracks that are lost forever
MKWii Custom Tracks/Custom Battle Arenas/Tracks Edit unshared to the community
MKWii TE Gameplay
MKWii TH Gameplay
MKWii CT Gameplay

Custom Tracks

Square Root of Two.
Island on the Sea.
DS StaffRoll Course.
Bowser's Flooded Castle.
Quarter Mile Race with Skipper93653.
Rainbow Ray Road with Skipper93653.

Texture Hacks

Nano's Yellow Summit.
Not Actually Yoshi Falls.

Tracks Updated

Minecrafteer3 Oval Beta.

Tracks Edits

None currently.