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YouTube: MKWahPhil
Discord Server: MKWahPhil's Discord Server

What's up guys, I'm MKWahPhil and I've played Desert Bus three times for some reason.

I've started creating custom tracks in 2023 and the entire process has already grown to be a burning passion for me! I have tons of plans for future custom tracks and I'm looking forward to make them reality!

In 2024 I have founded the Mario Kart Wii Competition Hub, which is projected to host several different custom track competitions!

If you'd like to use any assets from my creations, you are free to do so without my permission. You are also free to update my tracks without my permission. My tracks are created for everyone!

Lastly I also have a YouTube channel, although I've gotten quite inactive recently. Nevertheless feel free to check it out!

Peace out and enjoy Wario on drugs!

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