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Twitter J_asii
YouTube Jasii
Discord Server Jasperr's Den


Hi, I'm Jasperr, formerly known as Spyro.
I am relatively inactive with modding nowadays although I'll make some textures from time to time.


  • I will not respond to anything posted on my talk page, so don't waste your time.
  • All my newer projects will only be released on my YouTube Channel, they will not be republished here.
  • You do NOT have permission to port or modify any of my tracks for other games.
  • You do NOT have permission to update or modify any of my tracks, all edits will be removed.
  • You do NOT have permission to make edits of my mods and release them under a new name.


  • Do NOT update tracks that Golden RS was associated with, it is against what he wishes.
  • I will not be updating these tracks either, he wishes for his projects to be left untouched.

Latest Content

Red Rooms v2.0 Release