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Dreams. While being a normal part of many people’s lives, for me they seem like a foreign concept. Most of the times in my sleep, I just get nothing.

.........................Whenever I get them though, they are either horrific nightmares, which sole purpose of making energy restore through almost impossible, or a big, giant mess which is various pages of my brain, my memories and experiences connected into one with blender with a fork attached to mix them.

They like to connect into one. Even with all these deformation coming into a play it is difficult to understand that what is happening is just an imagination of our half-disabled brain, which appears not to understand or care to actually do anything about something that works against it and body’s desire of getting rest.
The question is where that “Dream Factory” even exists in our brains. After all, something has to fetch this data and send them to part of interpreter. We often see stuff while dreaming. Is it send to eye reading department? Or directly back into itself? Do deformations come from wrong RAM reads or transfer chaos? Can they be caused by the thing that just starts to show?

"Nightmares. No one ever really gets used to nightmares." - Mark Z. Danielewski, "House of Leaves"

Interesting part of entire procedure is that often during it we are actually noticing that various parts have inconsistencies, although our “we” doesn’t. Then after regaining morning control we can rewind on everything that didn’t match what it should. And these are the parts our brain remembers the most out of everything that has happened.

One thing that is hard to understand from perspective of normal person is how our senses actually work in that other reality.
Explaining ability to see images and hear voices can come from some people’s picture imagination and internal monologue respectively. The part that is impossible to do on everyday basis is imagining smells and touch, which can be present in night hallucinations. And for some reason they do not fall into the category of stuff that doesn’t make sense, in most cases they are equal to “our reality” counterparts.

Brain’s ability to connect random memories shows also some additional ability. We are able to remember much more than we think. Some stuff just sits very deeply and can not be woken up by us, but it’s still there. Once the brain digs it out, it might turn out that for some reason stuff there is incredibly detailed. So much that when you go to actual place from where it comes from covers almost 1:1. It’s hard to understand this system…