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YouTube: G-Force
Discord: gforce7

About Me

I learned about custom tracks in maybe 2012 and finally downloaded CTGP in maybe 2014, discovering the larger modding scene shortly after and loosely following it since. in 2022, I joined Custom Track Jams, where I finally learned how to make custom tracks and began to make a name for myself.

I have also been playing Geometry Dash since 2015, having made a name for myself in the 1.9 GDPS community in 2017.

if you want to release an update/remake/alt version of any of my tracks, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST, ideally through Discord. for updates, I would appreciate being sent the track file so I can verify the changes.

the exception to this rule is Factory Island, which anyone is free to remake if they want. updates to the original track still require my approval.

any textures/materials/shaders/etc. I have made are freely usable, credit is not mandatory. if you want to use any custom objects I've made (not counting retextures), permission from me is required.


a collection of some of my own tracks, some of my favorite tracks, and other random tracks I find particularly interesting for any reason. some of these tracks are unreleased and should not be posted to the wiiki without the author's permission.

Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author
G-Force 2020 Cup.png
G-Force 2020 Cup
Harmony Island v1.0 Mickeyman713
Cyberstate v2.0 SpyKid, Scye
System 32 Beta SpyKid
Cyclone Isle v1.0 Bluebatstar
Shark Reaction Cup.png
Shark Reaction Cup
Halogen Highway v1.1b BigOto2
Luminous Level v1.0 ATG
Wiimmfi Station v1.0 Sniki
Stereo Madness Beta 1.2.1 G-Force
COOL Cup.png
Cheep Cheep Resort Beta 2 G-Force
Desert Outpost Beta 1.2 G-Force (original by BigOto2)
Brain Storm Alpha 1 G-Force
Crystals Have Power Beta Chouchintosh
Caprisun Cup.png
Caprisun Cup
Glacier Mine v1.0-CTGP ishiyama263
Fast-Flowing Waterworks Beta.mkd Mickeyman713
Sea Stadium v2.16.3 zatchi
Global Warmingway Beta Shorky
Disintegrenade Cup.png
Disintegrenade Cup
Storm after the Calm v1.0 LucioWins
Northern Heights v2.3.1 emanresU
Engine Factory v1.0 ignis
The Scorch Trials v1.2.1 Nwt
Weird Guy New York Cup.png
Weird Guy New York Cup
Factory Island Beta G-Force
RMX Donut Plains 1 v1.1 Luca
Christmas Dream 2 v0.8.ctgp iNelom
The Great Apple War v1.1.councilapplecation The Squad
G-Force 2021 Cup.png
G-Force 2021 Cup
Venus Mountain Beta 1.2 G-Force
Cogwheel Chasm Beta Bri911
Aura Metropolis v1.2b SpyKid
Unnamed Valley v2.1.easy Sucht93a (original by Scye)
3 Cup.png
:3 Cup
Mushroom Marsh Beta 1.1 G-Force, Birj
Serene Swampland v1.2 SPT
Quil Island v1.1 Rex
Star Slope v1.2 T*rran (original by igorseabra4)
G-Force 2018 Cup.png
G-Force 2018 Cup
Vokas Treeway v1.4 Sniki
RMX Nightmare Beta Slimeserver, G-Force
Snifit Station v1.0 Shorky, Bruh de la Boi
Aurum Mountain JoeyMK
LEGO Instructions Cup.png
LEGO Instructions Cup
Sewer Passage v1.0 EdwardJW
Abandoned Aquarium JDS
Life Inside a Frame: Drawn Island Beta Prellit
Factory Island v1.0 Atmosphere (original by G-Force)
G-Force 2019 Cup.png
G-Force 2019 Cup
Flying Kingdom v1.2 SpyKid
In a Cloud tarsa129
Mech Factory v1.31 TL, Coffee Toffee
Elemental Solstice v1.0 Bear, ._., Birj, LucioWins, Mystora, hamburger, Elemental, Shorky
Midnight Streak Cup.png
Midnight Streak Cup
Bioluminescent Lab v1.0 LucioWins
Chroma Island v1.0 Mystora (texture hack by G-Force)
Keep of a Thousand Voices v1.0 Dracheron
Empty Space v0.0 Questorian
By the same author: G-Force