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Funky Racer
Avatar: FunkyRacer's Profile Picture.jpg
Youtube: Gameflix
MKT ID: 4519 4244 0621
Switch FC: 8357-7892-4201
Twitter: [1]
Discord: Funky Racer#7853

Hello! I'm Funky Racer! A 16 year old Dutch modder! I mod alot of MKWii & MK8! Such as Characters, Texture Hacks, Ports, Custom Tracks, etc.

About Our Youtube Channel

I have a youtube channel called Gameflix that we're posting random gameplays, with my friend Realmy.


If you want to update my courses, let me know first what's gonna change!

If you want to port my courses into a different Mario Kart game, let me know first!

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