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Funky Racer
Avatar: FunkyRacer's Profile Picture.jpg
Youtube: Gameflix
MKT ID: 4519 4244 0621
Switch FC: 8357-7892-4201
Twitter: [1]
Discord: Funky Racer#7853

Hello! I'm Funky Racer! A 17 year old Dutch modder! I mod alot of MKWii & MK8! Such as Characters, Texture Hacks, Ports, Custom Tracks, etc.

About Our Youtube Channel

I have a youtube channel called Gameflix that we're posting random gameplays, with my friend Realmy.


  • If you want to update my courses, let me know first what's gonna change!
  • If you want to port my courses into a different Mario Kart game, let me know first!