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Discord Tag: flynder_

About Me

Hey I'm flounder! I'm the creator of the custom track distribution, Flounder's Megamix. I've been playing mkwii since 2014 and got CTGP back in 2015 so I've been around for quite some time now! I have been silent in the community until 2022 when I joined the hide and seek discord server! Feel free to add me on Discord if you wanna chat because I'm usually free. IF YOU WANT TO EDIT MY TRACKS THEN PLEASE ASK FOR PERMISSION ON DISCORD OR ON MY TALK PAGE (Discord recommended)

Future Plans

I want to make as many fun to play tracks as I can until the day this game dies as I have many ideas for tracks that I think could turn out really well!

Planned tracks

Rock Candy Mines - A track inspired by a YouTube video I saw as a kid where someone made a track of the same name out of K'nex. Much like that track it will take place in world 6 of New Super Mario Bros U. The track will feature plenty of shortcuts which should make it interesting in a high level room!

Dark Dominion - This track takes place at a fortress/castle that sits alone on an island floating in a dark void. I plan on going crazy with the ideas for the track. The track itself will be quite long and will most likely be 2 laps. It combines 2 layouts, one being made with household items and the other being made of K'nex.

Internal Plexus (Name will probably be changed) - A track inspired by the "Every Copy of Super Mario 64 is personalized" phenomenon and B3313. It will take place in Peach's Castle where everything seems normal at first but soon enough things will be different, very different... That's all I'll say about that one haha.

Toadstool Western Railway - This track takes place in a wild west style town with a railroad Loosely based on Western Land from Mario Party 2. Imagine Twin Peaks but on crack. You have to worry about a high speed train way more often and there will be plenty of strats and shortcuts to keep races close online!

Birdo's Fruit Resort - A track based on the Yoshi's Tropical Island board the first Mario Party game. Instead of being made for Yoshi it is instead made for Birdo (maybe she bought out the island and built a resort???). As the name states this track takes place on a resort which will have giant fruit sticking out of the ocean. Racers will drive through many places at the resort such as a hotel, boardwalk, beach, under the water, and even a cruise ship! I don't see this one coming out for a long time as I'm still inexperienced with modeling and track creation as a whole, however when I do release it I'm sure it'll be lots of fun online!

Stimk Circuit (Working title) - A track themed/"owned" around a mii I have created who has become somewhat of a meme in my friend group. It will have a much simpler layout compared to my other plans, however I do believe if pulled off correctly it could still be very fun.

Fallout Beach (Working title) - A track that takes place on a once beautiful beachfront city, but after an incident involving nuclear power it has become a wasteland with high amounts of radiation and it seems the creatures that once lived there have changed.... The track will have racers drive around the beach and into the destroyed city. Not sure how long the track will be, but what I do know is that it could potentially be one of my greatest creations.

Planned Track Updates:

Dry Bowser Stadium - The track is currently in beta as I still have plans for updates to the track such as better visuals (hopefully to connect the track to Dry Bowser better), fixed item routes, and CPU routes.

Kingdom's Apex - I'm currently planning on improving the the visuals by adding more details, and item routes could use some work if I can manage to make them work in the shortcuts properly. If you know how to achieve this please let me know it'd be great help.

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