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Avatar: EpicCrossover's Profile Picture.png
Age: 20
Discord: EpicCrossover#1446
YouTube: EpicCrossover

Hello there! I'm EpicCrossover, mostly known for making Wii and Switch content. I struggle with communicating sometimes and I also have a speech impediment, plus I am a really competitive person when it comes to things. Apologies if that comes up as an issue.

I do a spin-off competition known as EpicCrossover's Extreme Remake Competition sometimes. If you're interested in the next one, DM me on discord!

I have created many tracks at this point. (SEE BELOW)

I make CTs for competitions or whenever I'm bored.

PS:Communism is over. MKWahPhil is now my leader.



I'm free and open to anyone updating/editing my tracks. Just contact me on Discord so I know what you're doing.

However, I will NOT permit anyone to remake or update any of the Black Ice Freeze tracks in any way, shape, or form.

Current Ranking of my CTs (Worst to Best, Also Fred City was designed by me so it doesn't count)

Black Ice Freeze:Uh oh! I can't see anything! Haha!
Wolf's Questionable Dungeon:This track really required no effort whatsoever. It's not that fun.
Extensive Train:Made this track a complete straight line with a few up and downs that don't trick.
Monochrome Malpractice:Similar to the previous track, however it is more exciting as it features a couple drops.
S2 Port Mackerel:This track in my opinion is very unfinished. If I tried to finish it, I would try the arena, not the map.
MP4 Bowser's Bigger Blast:This track is a square and you can't really explore so...yeah. Looks somewhat cool.
Rime Fusillade Byways:This track is playable, but the textures are 800x800 and also very small and annoying to look at.
Burning Freezeway:CT Jam Track. This is the same as the previous track, but slightly better to look at and has a more interesting layout.
MSS Yoshi Park:I actually worked a bit on this track. I tried to make it playable enough, but at other points I made the track worse.
Ebony Extent:First custom track back after a long hiatus. It's a snake track. That is all.
Lilac Foundation:Another track I'm pretty certain was just one I made for no particular reason. It plays okay, it's just not good either.
Wooden Variegation:A Baby Park kind of track. One of the corners is tight and it's very low effort.
Iconic Islands:CT Jam Track. Was also very little effort. Does play nicely though with 2 cannons as well.
Curlicue Close:This track is a long spiral and I find it hilarious. It's not a great track to play on though, however.
Monochrome Malfunction:Very first custom track. Took so long to complete and it's alright.
Vermilion Skies:Very unpolished track. Drives well enough, but the walls are a bit funky. Not bad at all by any means.
Tarsa's Fallen Dreams:Turbo Jam Track. Very rushed, a literal square. Looks like it's a joke track but surprisingly it's not.
Parching Breeze:Remake Comp track. Completely rushed, blind turns, random off road shortcut. It's ehhhhhhhhhhh.
Unhinged Shade:Another Remake Comp track. A square but shaped differently. It also features an inside joke which only a few people will get.
Sparkling Pass:Simple Half Circle track type. Plays nicely, it's just not much going on.
Fiery Freezy Flamey Frosty Firefreezeflamefrostway:Very funny remake comp track with MKWahPhil. Not much else to say other then it plays alright.
Brickwork Badlands:First Jam Track back. Plays alright, but the cannon is a big issue of the track. Plays decent beside that.
Bubblegum Heights:First time with slopes and lowering course brightness. Decent track to play, however they are still a few KCL Issues.
Subzero Sky Sanctuary:Another CT Jam Track. Once again, not much going on aside from just some trick elements added to it.
Psychological Aftermath:As much as I want to give this track credit for a remake comp track, it's very confusing and definitely is not the original track.
Bissel's Circuit of Darkness:This track was very rushed for the Quag Competition. It plays well, but an update for it is very needed.
Hue Ignition:This track features 6 cannons. It looks visually well, but I understand it does drag on for a bit too long.
Abstruse Abscess:Also part of the Remake Comp. Solo effort track. I'm a fan of it, but the track has some issues still.
Hello your computer has virus.:For a basic remake track, a very fun joke track. Surprisingly high on the list. Also done with MKWahPhil.
Original Woodlands:Another remake comp track. this track has no minimap, but the track plays very well nonetheless besides that.
Monochrome Malnourish:Remake comp track once again. 3rd Monochrome track and it's essentially Psychological Aftermath but much better to drive.
Arctic Volcano:Remake comp track with Char6432. Track has a few bugs and has a very unique shortcut, but I consider the design of this track to be amazing.
Fred's Stone Catastrophe:First track with boost animations, plays a bit nicer then the previous, and it places here because of a KCL bug at the end.
Twilight Trinity:Made out of boredom and a similar style to Leafy Loop. Plays surprisingly well for a track I had to upscale.
Yoshi's Gay Wonderland:A track I made originally as a sequel for Rime Fusillade Byways, however it turned into this and it's solid.
Leafy Loop:Solo Remake track. I like the visual work I did with this track. Not bad at all, just a solid basic track.
Nightfall Avenue:One of my favorite ones to create. Yet, it is long on purpose. The main issue of this track is the wheel of trick galore.
Xenoblast Boulevard:Newest track. I did update it and it looks better now. Track layout is not that great and the textures are interesting but still fun to drive.
Manic Daydream:Collab track with Char6432 for a CT Jelly. I really wanted to make this higher, but the track has some weird collision that needs fixing.
Rockin' Chomp Raceway:Easily one of my favorite CTs to create.. There are some weird design choices here and there, but I still enjoy driving it.
Zinc Coastline:Another one similar to Leafy Loop. This track does has some nice shortcuts, and a skybox from Sunshine Airport. Pretty good.
Verglas Volcano:Collab Track. Track is very fun to drive and a little hectic, but other then the slippery road, it's good.
Galactic Freezeburn:Remake comp track with XanderKartWii and King Boo Gaming. The atmosphere is phenomenal, only downside are the weird cannons.
Deserted Oasis:Another Collab Track. Plays exceptionally well, apart from the drop going into the water section.
Biofrost Lab:Remake comp Collab Track with Kozakura. An amazing layout for a track and it just plays exceptionally well.
Gleaming Gorge:I know I feel like a sucker putting a commission on the list. But, you can't deny a Cats4Life Banger.

By the same author: EpicCrossover

New Custom Tracks:
Bissel's Circuit of DarknessBrickwork BadlandsBubblegum HeightsDynamic AvenueFred's Stone CatastropheHue IgnitionJank Reservoir‎
Manic DaydreamNightfall AvenuePiercing JourneyPoisonous DetourRockin' Chomp RacewaySparkling PassSubzero Sky SanctuaryTarsa's Fallen Dreams
Twilight TrinityVeld BloomVermilion SkiesXenoblast BoulevardYoshi's Gay WonderlandZinc Coastline

Track Remakes:
Abstruse AbscessArctic VolcanoBiofrost LabBissel's Circuit of HellBlack Ice FreezeBlack Ice Freeze 3: TTWMAtDotCatACNCuWaNbPGTa10TTIRCCerise Excursion
Deserted OasisFiery Freezy Flamey Frosty FirefreezeflamefrostwayGalactic FreezeburnGalvanize ShipyardGreen World LoopHello your computer has virus.
Kindling Argentine Drift WaterfrontLeafy LoopLazuline LakeMonochrome MalnourishOriginal WoodlandsParching BreezePsychological AftermathUnhinged Shade
Verglas VolcanoViridescent EsplanadeWatcher's Trip to Wahlbania

Commissioned Tracks:
Fred CityGleaming Gorge

Old Custom Tracks:
Burning FreezewayIconic IslandsLilac FoundationMonochrome Malfunction
MP4 Bowser's Bigger BlastMSS Yoshi ParkRime Fusillade BywaysS2 Port MackerelWooden Variegation

Joke Tracks:
Black Ice Freeze 2: The Overly Grown Past of Irrational DecisionsChantix CircuitCodename: WARIOBOX
Curlicue CloseEbony ExtentExtensive TrainFred's Evil CircleMonochrome MalpracticeWolf's Questionable Dungeon