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Avatar: EpicCrossover's Profile Picture.png
Age: 19
Discord: EpicCrossover#1446
YouTube: EpicCrossover

Hello there! I'm EpicCrossover, mostly known for making Wii and Switch content. I struggle with communicating sometimes and I also have a speech impediment, plus I am a really competitive person when it comes to things. Apologies if that comes up as an issue.

I have created several tracks at this particular moment. I'm currently focusing on school as my main priority and I make CTs whenever I'm bored.


I'm free and open to anyone updating/editing my tracks. Just contact me on Discord so I know what you're doing.

Current Ranking of my CTs (Worst to Best, Also Fred City was designed by me so it doesn't count)

Burning Freezeway:CT Jam Track. Just like the name, this track is an abomination I can't even explain.
Rime Fusillade Byways:This track is playable, but the textures make this track horrible to play on.
Wolf's Questionable Dungeon:This track really required no effort whatsoever. It's not that fun.
Extensive Train:Made this track a complete straight line with a few up and downs that don't trick.
Monochrome Malpractice:Similar to the previous track, however it is more exciting as it features a couple drops.
Wooden Variegation:A Baby Park kind of track. One of the corners is tight and it's very low effort.
MP4 Bowser's Bigger Blast:This track is a square and you can't really explore so...not the best but not the worst.
Monochrome Malfunction:Very first custom track. Took so long to complete and it's alright.
Ebony Extent:First custom track back after a long hiatus. It's a snake track. That is all.
S2 Port Mackerel:This track in my opinion is very unfinished. If I tried to finish it, I would try the arena, not the map.
MSS Yoshi Park:I actually worked a bit on this track. I tried to make it playable enough, but at other points I made the track worse.
Iconic Islands:CT Jam Track. Was also very little effort. Does play nicely though with 2 cannons as well.
Lilac Foundation:Another track I'm pretty certain was just one I made for no particular reason. It plays okay, it's just not good either.
Curlicue Close:This track is a long spiral and I find it hilarious. It's not a great track to play on though, however.
Vermilion Skies:Very unpolished track. Drives well enough, but the walls are a bit funky. Not bad at all by any means.
Bissel's Circuit of Darkness:This track was very rushed for the Quag Competition. It plays well, but an update for it is very needed.
Brickwork Badlands:First Jam Track back. Plays alright, but the cannon is a big issue of the track. Plays decent beside that.
Sparkling Pass:Simple Half Circle track type. Plays nicely, it's just not much going on.
Subzero Sky Sanctuary:Another CT Jam Track. Once again, not much going on aside from just some trick elements added to it.
Bubblegum Heights:First time with slopes and lowering course brightness. Decent track to play, however they are still a few KCL Issues.
Hue Ignition:This track features 6 cannons. It looks visually well, but I understand it does drag on for a bit too long.
Fred's Stone Catastrophe:First track with boost animations, plays a bit nicer then the previous, and it places here because of a KCL bug at the end.
Yoshi's Gay Wonderland:A track I made originally as a sequel for Rime Fusillade Byways, however it turned into this and it's solid.
Twilight Trinity:Made out of boredom and a similar style to the latter. Plays surprisingly well for a track I had to upscale.
Leafy Loop:Solo Luigi Story Remake track. I like the visual work I did with this track. Not bad at all, just a solid basic track.
Nightfall Avenue:One of my favorite ones to create. Yet, it is long on purpose. The main issue of this track is the wheel of trick galore.
Zinc Coastline:Another one similar to Leafy Loop. This track does has some nice shortcuts(except for 1), and a skybox from Sunshine Airport. Pretty good.
Manic Daydream:Collab track with Char6432 for a CT Jelly. I really wanted to make this higher, but the track has some weird collision that needs fixing.
Deserted Oasis:Collab Track with Luigi Story for his Remake Comp. Plays exceptionally well, apart from the drop going into the water section.
Rockin' Chomp Raceway:Easily my best solo track to date. Not much to complain about other then possibly the final cannon and how quick it is.
Gleaming Gorge:I know I feel like a sucker putting a commission on the list. But, you can't deny a Cats4Life Banger.