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I no longer take requests or commissions.
Page Under Construction
The list of works is currently unfinished.
Youtube: CLF78
GitHub: CLF78
Discord: @clf78
Mario Kart Wii: 3181-9767-4404

Hello and welcome to my user page! I'm a 23 year old modder and code creator from Italy. You may know me from the New Super Mario Bros. Wii modding community, of which i have been an active member for quite some time. Below is a comprehensive list of my works.

Game Modes

Game Mode Latest Version Description Planned Updates
Formula Kart Wii Gamma 1.7.4 Formula Kart Wii modifies the lap count to 50 and adds random items along with many other changes to the mix, in order to achieve a truly chaotic experience. Further updates are planned, with development now in the hands of Ismy.
Hide and Seek v2.0.3 In every match, a player designated as "seeker" will have to locate and hit all the other players ("hiders") in a set time limit. No more updates are planned, at least by me. The project is open source though!

Other Major Projects

Name Description
OpenPayload OpenPayload is an open-source reimplementation of the Wiimmfi payload, intended to be used by advanced mods to allow proper interoperability and avoid patch conflicts.
Mario Kart Midnight X TBA

Gecko Codes

These are Cheat Codes i created or updated at some point in my modding career. Entries without a link are either not publicly released, unfinished or not available in Gecko form. Feel free to contact me to request Gecko ports, although these may not be fulfilled for various reasons.


Code Co-authors Description
30 Seconds Time Limit Modifier Lets you set a custom amount of time before the race ends due to the leader reaching the finish.
Accurate CPU Finish Times Makes the CPUs' finish times more realistic. This change also affects players not reaching the finish in online races.
Accurate Explosion Damage MrBean35000vr This code makes it so other players will see you blow up only if you were actually hit by an explosion. This also fixes blue shell dodges and players spinning out rather than exploding. Everyone should be running the code to see the benefit.
Accurate Item Roulette Makes the item roulette only show items you can actually get. Works both online and offline.
Always Get Respawn Boost You will always get a boost when landing from a respawn.
Coconut Mall Escalator Looper Ismy Makes Coconut Mall escalators keep switching after three cycles.
Default Drift Selection Modifier Lets you pick the default drift when the game boots.
Default Vehicle Selection Modifier Lets you pick the default vehicle for all players when first loading the vehicle selection screen (if the character picks allow it).
Disable Item Dropping Prevents items from dropping at all. Others online will see the effect.
Disable Lakitu When Going Backwards Self-explanatory.
Disable Luma Prevents Luma from showing.
Disable Toad's Factory Music Delay Makes the game play the Toad's Factory music starting from the actual beginning of the song.
Faster Score Increase Makes the scores after each offline race increment much faster than they normally would. Useful for mods which give a lot of points per match.
Feather Item stebler A custom item that lets you trick off the ground and jump high in the air.
Final Lap Music Trigger Modifier Changes the lap where the final lap music begins playing.
Fix Thunder Cloud Glitch Fixes the Thunder Cloud disappearing bug.
GeoHit Patcher This code lets you patch any of the GeoHit files right after they're loaded in memory. It can be useful if you only want to change a few values and don't want to provide the entire Common.szs file. The linked code is a sample and is meant to be edited by distribution authors to their liking.
Goomba Dropped Item Modifier Lets you change the item Goombas drop when hit.
Mega Mushroom Size Multiplier Multiplies the Mega Mushroom size value loaded from KartParam.bin. Others online will not see the effect.
Minimap Opacity Modifier Self-explanatory.
Process Invalid Arena ID Vote Allows voting for invalid arenas. Made as an equivalent of MrBean35000vr's Process Invalid Track ID Vote.
Room Message-based Flags Lets you enable/disable flags based on the room message being sent. The linked code is a sample and is meant to be edited by distribution authors to their liking.
Room Message Expander Lets you add more room messages than the game normally allows (and also replace existing ones). Everyone must run the code to see the new messages.
Shock/Thundercloud Damage Modifier Allows to modify the damage caused by the Shock or Thundercloud. Only affects the spinout, the player will still shrink.
Show Battle Map Icons Makes the game show minimap icons for Wigglers and Rolling Chomps in any game mode.
Show Quit Confirmation Screen in Single Player Self-explanatory.
Special Item Probability Modifier Lets you modify the chance of pulling an item from Bushes/Woodboxes.
Toad's Factory Conveyor Looper Ismy Makes Toad's Factory conveyors keep switching after three cycles.
Track Music Expander Lets you apply different music for each track (including Nintendo tracks) on CT-CODE and LE-CODE based distributions.
Track Randomizer Lets you load a random track from a specific folder, based on the picked track.
Vehicle Restriction Modifier Lets you apply vehicle restrictions in non-GP modes.
VS Points Based on Finish Time Difference With 1st Makes the scores depend on the time delta from 1st place. A scrapped concept for Formula Kart Wii, later submitted to TTs Online and ultimately ignored by everyone.


Code Original Author Description Changes
All Items Can Land v2 MrBean35000vr Allows all items except the Thunder Cloud to land on the ground. Optimized the code to reduce the line count.
Disable Item Poof Ro Prevents items from being removed due to being in gameplay for too long. Modified the code to allow items to despawn if they hit a fall boundary or a cannon.
Disable Wallriding MrBean35000vr Fixes the wallride bug. Fixed the code to make slow ramps work properly.
Disconnect At Will BullyWiiPlaza Allows a player to disconnect immediately during a race by pressing the given button combination. Fixed the code so it works 100% of the time.
Everyone On Your Screen Has Same Line Color v2 Vega Changes the line color of every player to the given color. Modified the code to make it work in every game mode and to allow custom colors.
Hybrid Drift Ismy Replaces the Automatic Drift option with Hybrid Drift, which combines automatic and manual drift. Fixed a camera bug and removed unwanted remnants of automatic drift behaviour.
Impervious Thunder Cloud v2 BullyWiiPlaza Prevents the Thunder Cloud from disappearing if the player uses a power item or enters a cannon. It is best paired with the Mega Cloud. Modified the code so the cloud disappears when falling off the track.
Star Lasts Forever v2 BullyWiiPlaza Makes the Star power last forever. Fixed infinite boost bug and star animation ending early.

Unreleased / Unfinished / Unported / Outdated

Code Description Status
Automatic POW Hop Dodging Automatically dodges the POW with a hop if in a wheelie. Will not be released due to obvious potential for unfair usage.
Bullet Bill Cannon Speed Modifier Multiplies the Bullet Bill's speed while in a cannon, allowing overtakes in cannons. Used in Formula Kart Wii.
Disable Multi Channel BRSTMs Disables channel switching for track music, removing the requirement of multi-channel BRSTMs in the slots that previously needed it. Outdated by stebler's version of the code, found in MKW-SP.
Dynamic Item Sizing Resizes thrown/dropped items (except the Thundercloud) based on the player's size (Mega or Shocked). Explosion radius is also adapted. Used in Formula Kart Wii.
Host Version Check Forces players entering a room to provide a "magic word" in order to be able to join. Used in Formula Kart Wii and Hide and Seek.
Instant Item Boxes v2 An upgrade of Anarion's existing code, which also makes conveyor item boxes from Toad's Factory respawn. Used in Formula Kart Wii.
Item Reserve Adds a second inventory to store two items at once. An unfinished code commissioned for Variety Pack. Gave up on it due to the excessive amount of bugs and workarounds required.
Lap Modifier v2 Removes the original's 9 lap limit and allows the lap count to be set up to 127. Made with the help of TheLordScruffy and Melg. Used in Formula Kart Wii (with a value of 50).
Main Menu Customizer A series of codes which let you disable/move/redirect each button on the game's main menu. Some of the codes are used in Formula Kart Wii and Hide and Seek.
No Bullet Bill Icon v2 An upgrade of Anarion's code that lets you use Stars and Mushrooms while in a Bullet. Used in Formula Kart Wii.
No Item Hit Stun Lets you collect Mushrooms, Stars and Golden Mushrooms while getting hit. Used in Formula Kart Wii.
POW Yourself in 1st Changes the POW Block's behaviour so that players using the item in 1st place will hit themselves. Used in Formula Kart Wii.
Pretty Item Spy Displays a player's item instead of their star rank. Code written on commission, will not be released publicly for obvious reasons.
Red Shell Targeting Modifier A series of codes that alter the Red Shell's targeting behaviour. Some of the codes are used in Formula Kart Wii.
Remove Mushroom if No Item Available Disables the aforementioned behaviour. Used in Formula Kart Wii.
Salty Six An equivalent of the Crazy 8 for Mario Kart Wii. While the core concept is working, the code was never properly finished. May be completed at some point, who knows?
Shells Never Break v2 An upgrade of Hamster's original code that disables further attempts by the game to destroy shells. Used in Formula Kart Wii.
Shock Squishing Like in the modern Mario Kart games, lets you squish players if they are small and you're normal sized. Used in Formula Kart Wii.
Show Times at Race End v2 An upgrade of Melg's code that prints the finishing times as gaps to 1st place. Used in Formula Kart Wii.
VR Filter Disconnects players at the VR screen if their VR is too low compared to the room average. Code will not be released for obvious reasons.

Texture Hack Archive

Before the mass takedowns that occurred in late 2017, I'd been collecting track/arena textures for a pack I was making (which never saw the light of day). Thanks to this, many works were saved from oblivion and are now available to the public. Most of the works in this archive can be found on the Wiiki, but I'm leaving the links here for ease of consultation:

I'm not liable for any Wiimmfi ban occurring due to files downloaded from here, you have been warned!

By the same author: CLF78