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If a user wishes to use any content from this author's work, they are authorised as long as this author receives credit for their work.
Discord: brawlbox (Brawlbox#1337)
Youtube: Brawlbox
Twitch: Brawlboxgaming
Pulsar Discord:
CTGP Track Testers Discord:
Variety Pack Discord:

Hey! I'm Brawlboxgaming a.k.a. Brawlbox, Brawl or BBG. I enjoy creating custom tracks, missions, and competitions, and enjoy coding Mario Kart Wii mods, as well as just general programming. I currently maintain the bot used in the CTGP Revolution Discord Server, and I am the owner of Variety Pack and its Discord server. If you would like me to give feedback or help out with custom tracks, feel free to contact me on discord!