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AlmostTWD98 and AlmostTWD98.2
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Gmail: [email protected] [email protected]
Instagram: AlmostTWD98 AlmostTWD98.2
Twitter: AlmostTWD98
Discord: AlmostTWD98 #0086 AlmostTWD98.2 #1365
Twitch: AlmostTWD98 AlmostTWD982
Gamebanana: AlmostTWD98 AlmostTWD98.2
CTGP-Revolution: 5245-8716-2627 (AlmosTWD98) 4902-2770-7233 (ATWD98.2)
Nintendo Switch: SW-2218-0520-2727 SW-3676-3982-7879
Fandoms: AlmostTWD98 AlmostTWD98.2

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Hello! I'm AlmostTWD98. My other names are AlmosTWD98, AlmostTWD98>>, AlmostTWD98.2 and AlmostTWD982. I'm currently working on some distributions. After that, I will make some music, character, texture and custom track packs based on the distributions. Below is a helpful table.

Type AlmostTWD98's Favourites (100% complete) Top Secret (?% complete) Top Secret 2 (0% complete)
Custom Track Distribution
Texture Distribution
Music Track Distribution
Character Distribution
Currently Working On
Versions v1.0, v2.0, v2.0-alt

I play a lot of games. They are listed here. My favourite games are Mario Kart Wii + CTGP-Revolution, Wii Sports Resort and Mario Kart 7. My favourite tracks in CTGP-Revolution and other distributions are GCN Baby Park, 3DS Maka Wuhu, Spacy Space Race and Mushroom Peaks and 3DS Wuhu Loop.

By the same author: AlmostTWD98

AlmostTWD98's Favourites

Texture Hacks:
Red and Yellow loser_demoRed and Yellow winningrun_demo

Track Edits:
Fixed Mushroom Gorge

Custom Characters:
Funky Kong on Magikruiser

Unofficial Texture Hack Updates:
Bowser CircuitKingdom WaySky Garden CircuitWarp RunWaterfall MineWhat If You Toured Mario Circuit from SNES Ghost Valley 2

AlmostTWD98's Favourites (v2.0) – Green Green Ruins (v1.0) – Object Treeway (v1.0) – Quacker Island (v1.0)

If you are bored, why not search for the hidden secrets for unreleased content on this page?