Unused Track Pack

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Unused Track Pack
Author: RagingStar
Tracks: 16
Arenas: 10 (5)
Date of latest version: 202?-??-??
Discord server: Unused Track Pack


Unused Track Pack is an in-progress custom track distribution created by RagingStar.


Currently no media


Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author
Unused Track Pack Egg Cup.png
Egg Cup
Wii U test_Wifi_Test1 razero
DS Dokan Course MKDasher
N64 Town Kozakura, Bruh de la Boi
GCN Mario Circuit [DS] Yoshidude4
Unused Track Pack Marble Cup.png
Marble Cup
GBA Award Ceremony Retrostyle12
GCN Sherbet Land Beta SuperOnion64
DK Donkey Course wg93589
DS Pinball Course Yoshidude4, Gericom, Ermelber, Turbo Yoshi
Unused Track Pack Weight Cup.png
Weight Cup
3DS Mario Circuit Divide ShadowLuigi-NG-, Sucht93a
DS Test Circle maczkopeti
Wii draw_demo Nintendo
GCN Mario Circuit Hayasi Nintendo
Unused Track Pack Infinite Mushroom Cup.png
Infinite Mushroom Cup
Wii Moonview Highway [Wii U] Nintendo
DS Luigi Course Ermelber, Gericom
DS Test_1
Wii Bowser's Castle Beta Nintendo


Arena Listing
Stages Arena Version Author
Wii Stages.png
Wii Stages
Block Plaza Nintendo
Delfino Pier Nintendo
Funky Stadium Nintendo
Chain Chomp Wheel Nintendo
Thwomp Desert Nintendo
Unused Track Pack Unused Stages.png
Unused Stages
SNES Battle Course 1 [GBA] Yoshidude4
SNES Battle Course 2 [GBA] MRbuttCHINSx11T7
DS Mr_stage1 Retrostyle12
GCN Block City [DS] Retrostyle12
GCN Pipe Plaza [DS] Tock

Version History

Version Date of release Information
202?-??-?? First release