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Author: Faraphel
Type: ISO Patcher
Tracks: 1 custom track,
1 custom arena
Version: v0.0
Date of latest version: 2022-03-31
Region: RMCE69, RMCP69, RMCJ69, RMCK69
Download: GitHub (Installer)
Discord server: Mario Kart Wii - Faraphel
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UltraDupraMegaSupraMKW (also known as UDMSMKW) is a custom track distribution created by Faraphel. It was made as an April Fools' Day joke with the objective to be the smallest distribution possible.


Currently no media

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v0.0 2022-03-31 First release
By the same author: Faraphel

Custom Track Distributions:
Mario Kart Wii FaraphelUltraDupraMegaSupraMKW