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Turg Kart Wii Deluxe v7.0

The update is being made with Custom Track Distribution Maker.

Changed Cups

  • carykh Cup (Wilbur Soot Cup)
  • Chonny Jash Cup (Nickisnotgreen Cup) moved before MandJTV Cup.

v6.0 Split

Part I

  1. Theme Park Crazy Cup
  2. WillNE Cup
  3. jan misali Cup
  4. Jarvis Johnson Cup
  5. Jay Foreman Cup
  6. Tom Scott Cup
  7. Scott Cramer Cup
  8. Blameitonjorge Cup
  9. LSuperSonicQ Cup
  10. Z3Cubing Cup

Part II

  1. Whang! Cup
  2. Mrwhosetheboss Cup
  3. FlygonHG Cup
  4. PM7 Cup
  5. Freezai Cup
  6. Fir Cup
  7. cjya Cup
  8. Nathaniel Bandy Cup

New Cups