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Hello all! I am Trent Rez, now known as Texas Rez. I am a former Mario Karter, and also a custom track creator. I am most commonly known for creating the glitchy custom course, Rezway.

Personal Life

A high school student, a lover of music, art, video gaming, and video producing. The REAL personal thing that I let everyone know is that my favorite band is Rush. Wait a minute... Why are you even in this section of my page?!

Custom Tracks


My first track that turned out to be my breakthrough track. This was the first track I created, and with help in designing, Rich Petty (creator of Kartwood Creek) had stepped in to help me out along the way. It was released on June 9, 2010, making it the glitchiest track to ever be created in the Custom Track community. Rezway even holds the crown of the nickname "Glitchway".

Rezway II

In December 2011, Jefe had recreated the model for Rezway, making a whole new version of Rezway, titled Rezway II. 75% of the credit goes to him for doing an excellent job. Due to the fact that this is remake, Rezway II is NOT my second track, as it is just a remake of the original.

Red Sector A

Shortly after the release of Rezway, I created two more tracks (this is the first of the two), and the original concept of Red Sector A was to introduce the idea of wall-riding. The track is named after a Rush song that shares the same name, from their 1984 album, Grace Under Pressure. When work started to recreate this track, that idea was dropped in order to finally release the damn thing! It's set for release at August 2012 earliest.

Blackout Road

Shortly after the release of Rezway, I created two more track (this is the second of the two), with the concept of racing in the complete darkness essential to the track. It's set for release between winter 2012 to early 2013. Possibly sooner.

Green-Blue Canyon Circuit

The first Custom Track of mine to be built entirely out of Google SketchUp. Work had started in late 2011, but stopped after awhile. Work will resume after Red Sector A and Blackout Road are released.

Fifth CT

I have plans on creating a fifth Custom Track. More details coming soon!

Custom Trackography

Track # Track Name Release Date of Initial Version Latest Version
1 Rezway June 9, 2010 v1.2
1b Rezway II December 9, 2011 v2.1
2 Red Sector A TBD Beta1
3 Blackout Road Beta1
4 Green-Blue Canyon Circuit
5 Untitled fifth CT

Possible Future Custom Tracks

  • "Freehand Complex" - A track that has its foundation drawn freely by hand in Google SketchUp.
  • "Rez Circuit" (Working title) - A track that sets in a small-town that was found in the middle of the flatland. It is about 100 miles north of Rezway 2. There's also a network of roads underground as well...
  • "Mylo" (Working title) - Inside an indoor beach house that's the size of a stadium lies a wooden track that's above water. I don't think the beach house has a roof either...
  • "Kartadega" - The Mario Kart version of Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama.
  • "Model1" (Working title) - Just some model that I made. It looks like it may be a fun CT to race on...
  • "Grand Designs" - A track that looks like you're in a 3D modeling program from the 90's.
  • "White Depression" - All you see is whiteness... And all you feel is depression.
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