Tournament Museum

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Tournament Museum
Author: TheLordScruffy
Version: v1.1
Date of latest version: 2021-10-27
Source code: GitHub
Download: Google Drive


Tournament Museum is a mod created by TheLordScruffy. It includes all[1] 49 unique tournaments that ran on the WiiConnect24 service before its closure. The pack includes:

  • A custom menu to select one of 49 tournaments.
  • A new "View Replay" button after completing a tournament.
  • A personal top five leaderboard that saves to the SD card or save game.
  • An optional feature to save ghost data to an SD card, which might become watchable in a future update. This defaults to always save, but it can be configured in the in-game settings menu to save only the fastest time, or never save. Ghost data will only save if you use Riivolution.
  • An option to skip the Wii Wheel controller restriction. Simply press A using the controller you wish to use and a confirm prompt will appear. However, your leaderboard rank and ghost data will not be saved.

Note that "SD card" refers to the Riivolution filesystem, and includes USB storage and RiiFS. It does not include the Load Riivolution patch feature in Dolphin Emulator.


  • Zachruff, for helping a lot with collecting RKC files, as well as managing translation and design.
  • Leseratte, for recovering most tournaments through Wiimmfi's competition service patcher.
  • Atlas, for help with recovering tournament info.
  • Syara, for the title screen graphics.
  • Harumyne, for the settings icon.


The mod supports all four regions of Mario Kart Wii. It is only available using Riivolution at the moment. An ISO patcher is not available, but it may be in the future.


Assuming that you already have Riivolution installed, download and extract the ZIP file into the root of your SD card or USB storage device, then simply launch Riivolution and enable the "Tournament Museum" option.


You must be on Dolphin version 5.0-15407 or later.

Download and extract the ZIP file into {Dolphin User Folder}/Load/Riivolution. If you do not know where your Dolphin user folder is, it is usually located in your Documents folder under the name "Dolphin Emulator".

After extracting, in Dolphin, right-click on "Mario Kart Wii" in the game list and select "Start with Riivolution Patches...". Then from there, locate the Tournament Museum option and select "Enabled", then click "Start".

MKWTM save data (mktmsave.bin) will be located in the normal Mario Kart Wii save directory on Dolphin. If you do not want this, use a save redirection patch.

Some minimap objects will not display properly unless you go into Graphics > Hacks > Texture Cache and slide accuracy all the way to "Safe".


v1.0 Announcement Trailer

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2021-10-25 First release
v1.1 2021-10-27
  • Added a new title screen.
  • Made all characters and vehicles available regardless of whether they are unlocked on a save file.
  • Minor translation corrections.
  • Resolved an issue where using specific letters in Mii names would cause ghosts to not save. Invalid characters are replaced with '_' in the filename.


  1. Tournament 3 was not recovered when this was made, so it has been recreated from scratch.
By the same author: TheLordScruffy